TPI Golf Program

At our Glenside location of Willow Grove Physical Therapy we offer what’s called a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) assessment for golfers. This assessment is done by a doctor of physical therapy who is highly trained in the assessment of biomechanics and movement.

The assessment includes an in-depth look at the balance system, joint/muscular flexibility, motor control, and core strength related to the golf swing. After determinining any limitations you may have we can tailor a training program specifically to you that will help to improve a deficit, which ultimately could improve your ability to effectively swing a golf club.

Our goal is not to change your swing but to improve the bodies ability to perform an efficient/powerful swing and avoiding injury while doing so. If you are experiencing injury from golfing, we also offer traditional physical therapy that is covered through your insurance to work on creating a pain-free swing because we want you to be able to continue golfing for the foreseeable future!

Finally, if balance is your issue or you are fearful of falling we specialize in the treatment of balance and the vestibular system which is also covered through your insurance! Call 215-277-5552 or email  for more information.


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