Home Care

Since late 2011, Willow Grove Physical Therapy has provided home care services for elderly patients who are not able to come in to the clinic due to transportation problems. This provides a unique opportunity for the physical therapists to see first hand what obstacles the patients are facing at home. Recommendations are made to improve safety, including suggestions for equipment or home modification.

We are proud to offer home care at the Plaza in Jenkintown, in the Regency Towers, and in our surrounding areas. Our therapists schedule appointments that are convenient for their patients. After a thorough evaluation is completed, they design a plan of care including balance, strengthening or range of motion exercises as appropriate and issue a home exercise program. They bring the necessary exercise equipment and monitor  the patient’s vital signs. Progress reports are sent to the referring physicians.

If you a medicare patient in need of physical therapy but are unable to come in to our clinic, please call 215-659-7759 as home care may be available to you. 

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