Pain Management

Pain has been mismanaged in our country for years. The opioid crisis is evidence of this.

  • Chronic pain is often due to a hyper-sensitive nervous system. We educate our patients about pain science and knowledge gives you power to take control of your pain.

  • Movement is the best medicine! Prolonged rest is like letting our bodies rust!

  • Physical therapy is a safer, more effective approach to pain management than surgery, injections, and medication.

 Let us help you manage your pain!


Starting physical therapy sooner rather than later leads to:

1) A significant reduction in the rate of spinal injections and surgeries. (Gellhorn et al. 2012).

2) Reduced imaging costs and opioid use. (Child et al. 2015).

3) Lower overall medical costs. Total medical costs for LBP were $2736.23 lower for patients receiving early PT. (Fritz et al. 2012).

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